A step ahead of designer catalog, multimedia is a lively catalog . It stands as a descriptive catalog in multiple ways. Viewer can enjoy viewing products page by page along with advertiesment videos , web-page links, audio links and even a direct calling facility.

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Video Link

More Vivid and informative catalogs with embed videos.

Web Link

Embed webpage links with respective content to make it more informative.

Click to Call

Direct call link through catalog leads to direct Business approach.

Audio Link

Embed background music or audio to make it descriptive as well as interesting.

Web Link

Include important and relevant links that will explain your products and services in more better way.


Social Sites

Just get the links of your social media accounts on catalog and let the customer find you at the places he loves the most.



Embed your website page into the catalog and let customers can have a detailed product information.

Click to Call

In App calling facility to directly connect with the customers.

  • maintain pure business approach.
  • hot link for viewer.
  • Instant Contact addition to Phonebook.

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